Natural Rubber Yoga Foam Mats  

  • Rubber Foam Mat
  • Rubber Foam Mat
  • Rubber Foam Mat
  • Rubber Foam Mat
Product Description


Foam Mat (Yoga Mat & Mouse Pad etc.)

  • The image is the partial product only.
  • Color, pattern or hand feel can be customized and designed on request.
  • The color of rubber foam mat looks differently on different computer screen; please take the color of the actual product as standard.
Product Feature
  • Soft touch, buffer and shockproof
  • Good traction and elasticity, nice elastic recovery
  • Anti slip finish
  • Can be natural oxidation, recycled and remanufactured
Product Specification
  • Material:
    Fabric: Polyester
    Foam: Natural Rubber
  • Size
Description (Width)cm × (Length)cm × (Thickness)mm
Yoga mat 61 × 172 ~ 183 × 2 ~ 5
Mouse pad 20 × 23 × 1.5
Tableware mat Customized size
Coaster Customized size
  • Suitable for making yoga mat, mouse pad, tableware mat and coaster etc.

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