About Us  

Fabric for Sports goods
Sports protector, swimming suit, fabric for sportswear and leotard.
Fabric for Medical goods
Ice pack, medical bed sheet and bedspread.
Eco-friendly material
Bamboo fiber, coffee carbon fabric and recycled PET yarn etc.
Functions process
Anti-bacterial, deodorant, UV protection etc.
Material for Footwear
Fabric and interlining for footwear.
Fabric for Bag
Fabric and interlining for bag.
Fabric for Home decoration
Fabrics for curtain, carpet, sofa, bedspread and illumination decoration.
Base fabric for PU synthetic leather
A wide range of base fabric for PU synthetic leather.
Clean room wiper
Made from polyester and microfiber.
Foam mat and fabric for foam mat
Yoga mat, mouse pad, tableware mat and coaster etc.
Cleaning cloth, microfiber cleaning wiper, sticker
Cleaning cloth for eyeglasses and electronics, car wash cleaning cloth, cloth for car waxing, household cleaning cloth, microfiber cleaning cloth and sticker.
Development of customized products
Chi Chung also provides customized products like artificial leather and conductive fabric.